General and Natural History

The talks I offer are listed below

An Ornithological Cornucopia...

A selection of birds seen through a birdwatchers eyes.

Webbed Feet...Not Wellingtons

A look at a selection of the Waterfowl of the world.

Wild Ocean Watching

Sail across the Bay of Biscay and experience Dolphins, Whales and Tall Ships.

Cetaceans Of The World…

With 84 different species of whales and dolphins in our seas - get an insight into their world and see the challenges they have to face.

Wildlife Friendly Farming...

With increased pressure on the countryside to produce food, what are the measures we can take to sustain wildlife in the agri-environment.

Primates Of The World…

Monkeys and apes are considered our closest relatives, but they are still not fully understood. They are found throughout the world, ranging in size from tiny Marmosets right up to the mighty gorillas. This talk will look at their status, behaviour, distribution and the threats to their very survival

The Miracle Of Migration

What drives birds (and mammals) to undertake such amazing journeys. Here in Britain we are both home and staging post for many species of birds. This talk poses more questions than it answers.

A Year of Travel

Sit back relax and allow this presentation to take you around some select destinations in Europe all completed over a 12 month period. You will see natural wonders, Wildlife and historical marvels.

Amazing Wildlife Moments...

Let me share some amazing wildlife moments with you from Britain and beyond these range from the minute to mammals on a grand scale

Chester Zoo - One Mans Dream

The story behind this remarkable conservation and education hotspot.  Probably Britains best loved zoo but much more too.

The Best Images of the Previous Year

A mixture of tales, images and anecdotes.

A Tour or Liverpool - Much More Than a Funny Accent

History abounds in this incredible place from docks to pop to drama and humour

In the Face of Extinction

Man has interfered around the world in many ways but there is still a chance, or is there?  A look at some species around the world, their status and a chance to see if it's too late.

Conservation in all its forms .

Past , present and looking to the future, how have we , how should we get society to realise just how fragile the earth is around us. This talk will seek to provoke thought,not preach and maybe just maybe it will help you have a different perspective on the way forward. Rewilding , Education, Ecotourism and many other topics will be explored in this talk.   

Favourite Wildlife Images

And the stories behind them.  This talk is aimed at photographic societies and I am happy to discuss the photographic techniques as well as the images themselves.

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