Natural History & European Travel

This list of talks is being expanded all the time - please contact me for any updates.

The Lesvos Experience...

The Natural history of this unique Greek island.

Mediterranean Magic - Mallorca and Menorca.
The scenery, it’s wildlife and some of it’s lesser known residents.

Big Skies, Wild Horses And Flamingos…
Journey to and around the unique area of the Camargue in Southern France…

Francais/Espangna - Borders Nomore…
The Pyrennees - an insight where France meets Spain and Atlantic meets the Mediterranean…

The Fauna And Flora Of The Mediterranean…
Visit France, Spain, Greece, and Cyprus and appreciate the wonderful diversity of this region.

A travelogue of ’Green Spain’ situated right in the centre of the Iberian peninsula it is an unspoilt area of natural beauty which features medieval towns, vineyards, rugged and gentle landscapes but above all else an amazing diversity of nature with it’s birdlife being simply outstanding.

Autumn Migration In Southern Spain
The area around Tarifa and Gibraltar is both bottleneck and a migration spectacle when conditions are favourable with literally thousands of birds passing overhead. There are also many other local sites of great ornithological interest as well as the straights of Gibraltar acting as a cetacean hotspot. This talk will look at them all.

A Walking Tour of Seville
The capital city of Andalucia, this talk will transport you around the major sites of this remarkable place. It will also be a journey through history•

A Winter Weekend In Iceland
Join me on a trip to Reykjavik the worlds most northerly Capital city. Marvel at the Northern Lights, Humpback whales and the various tales associated with this remarkable place.

Portugal - from the Atlantic to the Algarve
A look at the history fauna and flora of this popular holiday destination 

Correze - France
Off the beaten track, beautiful and unspoilt, Picturesque towns, castles, wonderful food and rich natural history.  There are even images from a kayak trip on the Dorgogne in this talk.

The Wild Brown Bears Of Finland. 
The land of a thousand lakes
Travelling north just inside the Arctic Circle brings you to the stronghold of this wonderful creature and a host of other animals and birds. Totally unspoilt , peaceful and just a world away. This presentation also features Helsinki a truly remarkable coastal capital city with a rich history and architecture.

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