World Travel and Natural History

Our talks are listed below

The Big Blue - California

San Diego, Laguna Baja, Gulf of Cortez, these are the prime areas to connect with the largest creatures in the world – Whales. This talk will also feature dolphins, seals and a host of other tales from an awesome journey.

Caribbean Paradise St Lucia -

Simply beautiful,  Explore this tropical wonderland it’s people and natural history..

Southern India…

A cultural experience which will awaken all of your senses - be prepared to be amazed.

Steve’s South Asia Challenge…

Following on from visiting a charity project in southern India, an account of my involvement in the Challenge Anneka project in Sri lanka which took place in November 2006

Islands Around the World

From Britain to some of the largest and smallest, this travelogue will look at the history, culture and natural history of these locations.

Around The World In 80 Pictures...

Natural history, anecdotes and stunning scenery from a variety of world wide locations.


A wildlife spectacular, mammals, birds all in spectacular landscapes in quite amazing African light..

Tanzania - The National Parks…

Talks on the National Parks Of Tanzania can also be given either as an individual park or a collection.

Nepal ...On top of the world -

From the worlds highest peaks to the terai. This is a country like no other, steeped in history with an endless fusion of people, religion and wildlife...

The Natural History Of Nepal...

This talk includes plants we know and grow in our gardens, to a vast array of birds right up to some of the worlds most threatened large mammals.

Trinidad And Tobago…

A look at the southern end of the Caribbean region which has close ties to the South America. Two close islands but very different in feel and natural history. From the home of the carnival and land of the hummingbirds these are truly vibrant places that you will appreciate more after this talk...

The Birds of Tanzania…

A birdwatchers paradise - prepare to be amazed and amazed again.

Costa Rica…

Central America’s best kept secret, it really is an incredible place. From cloud forests to pristine beaches it has it all stretching from the Caribbean to the pacific. With over 28% of it’s land under government protection containing 800 species of birds many of which are endemic, 260 mammals and a staggering 65,000 species of insects it boasts the highest biodiversity rate of the planet.

Around The World In Eighty Birds

No not some tales from a world be Casanova, but a sample of amazing feathered birds and their habitats from around the world

India- Beyond the Golden Triangle.  Turbans, Temples, Tigers and the Taj

The area of India is a kaleidoscope of colour and events to awaken all your senses.  A whistle stop tour of Delhi, Agra and Jaipur.

Borneo - Head in the Clouds, Feet in the Mud

Tropical jungles, high peaks, primates, coral reefs, these are just some of the features of this unique place.  Day or night it reveals some surprises but it is under threat.

CUBA - its time to Salsa

Live life like Castro

Classic cars , Cuban Todys, Cigars all in glorious sunshine. Get in quick before it gets spoilt. A rebellious past with some amazing wildlife . Close to the States but oh so different! Landscapes , beaches, wildlife with incredible people.

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