West Norfolk - Snettisham High Tide Roost 

‘ Time and Tide waits for no man ! or even Waders ‘

Sunday 25th October 2015.

An organised coach trip on behalf of the local RSPB group saw me head off to a favourite reserve . With a good tide set to be at its peak at 4-40pm and the prospect of good weather it promised to be a fruitful trip .Setting off from Lincoln and arriving at ‘Snetts ‘ at 11am the weather rather was perfect also with the added bonus of not many people around .

A walk along the seafront over the shingle promised a lot but delivered very little with just the odd calling Redshank and occasional Dunlin for company . I had rather been hoping for maybe a Snow Bunting or two or maybe a Twite , there was a very large flock of Goldfinches feeding on the myriad of teasel heads . As I approached the far end of the path a very confiding female Stonechat put in an appearance . On the botanical front a few of the horned poppies were still in full flower , absurd for late October .

The pits had thrown up a few waterfowl – Greylag geese , Tufted ducks and some Little grebes but nothing out of the ordinary .As the day progressed the cloud built up which was rather disappointing but the birds built up also , many species were seen close in , such as Curlew Dunlin, Grey Plover and a Greenshank . By 3pm the birds were starting to get pushed up the mud with overlays of thousands of Knot , Oystercatchers and Bar Tailed Godwits all inter playing as the tide advanced . Some amazing murmurations ( patterns) were formed with a soft autumnal sun as the backdrop. The large flock ( 2000+ ) Golden plver had long since dispersed going inland to escape the advancing tide . All in all it was a fabulous day only spoilt by having to yomp back to the coach in order to get home . A recommended reserve to visit but good weather is essential otherwise it can seem like you are at the end of the world .   

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