British Wildlife and Natural History

My list of talks is below - please email me for details.

Britain's Garden Birds…

A guide to identification, how to encourage them to your garden and their current status.

Wildlife Spectacles of Britain...

Mammals/Birds - Britain really does have it all, both on land and at sea.


It’s natural history - a tour of Scotland to view it’s scenery and the astonishing array of wildlife that lives there.

East Anglia …

Natures Haven - From Reed beds, Fens, Cliffs, heaths to Saltmarsh. This region really does have them all . Find out why this area recognised as Britain's most ecologically diverse and the wildlife that lives there.

Lincolnshire - A Naturalists Paradise …

Deer, Seals, Birds of prey, insects and amphibians. Lincolnshire has an amazingly diverse range of living creatures within it’s boundaries at various times of the year.

Mammals Reptiles And Amphibians Of Britain…

Cut off from the rest of Europe we have a fairly limited range, but none the less unique in their own right..

British Birds Of Prey …

The past, present and future of these magnificent birds

The Peregrines Of Lincoln Cathedral…

A personal insight into the combination of Avian Activity and Mediaeval Architecture.

Highlands And Islands …

A look at some more remote parts of Britain and their wildlife.

Lincolnshire's Birds And Reserves…

This talk visits the coast, heathlands, wolds, fens and a variety of other habitats in between to take a closer look at which birds and why they come to the variety of habitats in this wonderful country.

Somerset Levels

Flood plains or fantastic wildlife habitat - visit this ancient habitat with its unique flora and fauna. See also what makes this an amazing all year round bird watching location.

The Birds of Britain

How diverse is Britain's birdlife? This lecture will look at some familiar friends from our gardens to migrants which spend some of their year with us to others which turn up unexpectedly

Wildlife and Habitats Around Lincoln

A look at the green space in and around Lincoln and the plethora of wildlife that lives there

Britains Seabird Cities

Great Britain’s rugged coastline and its myriad of off shore islands are home to an array of species , some resident and others long distance travellers. Why are they here ? why do they return? What are the threats to their future? Hopefully this talk will give some if not all of the answers.  

WARNING – This talk may contain lots of cute pictures of Puffins!

The best of the Scottish Isles.

In no particular order this talk will feature rugged coastlines, whisky, cute creatures, local produce, local history and folklore, unusual travel arrangements, art and tragedy. Sounds almost like a Shakesperian play but it is not !

The best of the Outer Hebrides

With a heavy accent on the Isle of Barra.  This talk covers the culture, natural history and landscapes of this fascinating range of islands.

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